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Our Culture

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We Will Develop You.

We believe in life long learning and we will help you become the best possible version of you! From developing your current skills or exploring other roles within the business we are committed at helping everyone develop. 

We Will Have Fun.

Everything is better when you love the people you work with. We understand the importance of having fun with the team away from work. What job is more exciting anyway? 

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We Will Inspire You.

When you see our programme at the pool you will feel a warmth inside and be inspired by the hard work of our team each week. Our passion drives us to help achieve our goals. 

We Will Care For You.

We respect everyone's voice in or organisation, we will care for you like our family. The Swift Swimmers family! 

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"My step son has been attending lesson at Lealands with Swift Swimmers for the past 18 months and the progress he has shown has been immense. All of the instructors are patient with thie kids which makes for an excellent environment. On top of that, class sizes are small so kids get a very hands on experience with their instructors" 

Marcus, Lealands

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